Corto Kurbada

SGM Ciriaco "Cacoy" Canete 8/8/1919 - 2/5/2016


From our Family and the whole Canete Clan mourns the loss of a great man who once walked among us. A deeply religious person and a devoted family man who shared his personal art of Eskrima, Eskrido, Pangamut (Cacoy Doce Pares) to the whole world, leaving a Legacy to be uphold. His big heart and much bigger laughter will always be remembered. Goodbye for now Lolo Cacoy, you will be in our hearts forever...........

Corto Kurbada Training


Corto Kurbada is the close-range, single-stick method of eskrima that is in constant development and refinement by Doce Pares Club Grandmaster Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete. Corto Kurbada is the combination of Corto Orihinal, or short-range linear strikes, and various angles of thrusting, butt strikes, hooking, etc., with circular and curving strikes involving the supination or pronation of the wrist.  These various types of single-stick strikes are paired with the "alive," or left hand, to parry and check their opponent in order to deliver devastating locks, quick disarms, and throws to the opponent.  Corto Kurbada is a unique method which contains a high degree of variability in what the practitioner can do with a single stick. 

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