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 Our San Miguel System of Eskrima Combatives derives from the teachings of Nong Urbano “Banoy” Borja who I spent many years training under his guidance. His “fighting principles or the actual” is the foundation to link or tied in the various training methods by other San Miguel Eskrima GM’s who I had the privilege to also trained with during the many years traveling to Cebu. A separation among others is the ability to demonstrate and articulate the “teachings of the applications”. Probably the attitude in that idea stems from the “actual application” against the rival club during the heyday of the “Bahad/Hagit-Juego Todo” era. One of his other sayings “Eskrima should be taught like the actual”. A piece of the puzzle in fully understanding another saying “the truth is in the movement”….. 

Interview with Nong Banoy

 Nong Banoy sharing his actual eskrima experiences with the group in Mambaling, Cebu City, Cebu , 2004...He once told me that "the greatest eskrima was the words from above, because he says that no one can take that away from you. You can always steal someones Anting-Anting, LOL!" 

Tribute and interview with Nong Banoy

Training with Nong Banoy

 Nong "Banoy" Borja was my main teacher in San Miguel Eskrima, SMSOE, NMODE-DSG. An Orihinal Disciple of GM "Momoy" Canete, founder of San Miguel Eskrima, started his Eskrima training in the mid 1950's till he retired from teaching in 2008. An exceptional teacher who can articulate the nuances of his skill based on scientific meaning and applications. A teacher of the "Old School Ways or Bahad-Hagit/Juego-Todo" as he came from that by gone era of challenges from other Eskrimadors or the rival club. He left a Legacy based on the Fighting Strategies at the Antaw, the Pani-il, the Amarra and the Depensa Seguidas in which emerged the "Dayon-Dayon" or simply put "to enter your strike" from the San Miguel. He will forever be remembered as a TEACHER, FIGHTER, and a FAITH HEALER. He will be missed, but not forgotten.....Borja San Miguel Eskrima 

San Miguel Eskrima Training

Nong Banoy & Nong Ben of San Miguel Eskrima NMODE-DSG


Two of the greatest "actual" fighters under GM Filemon "Momoy" Canete.

The San Miguel Strategy


The strategy based on Bunal "strikes" and Pani-il "footwork". The name explains the action when you do the strikes and footwork together. In Eskrima, the first part is the physical movement. When you understand the true meaning of the movement, you will understand the spiritual side… Words from above – GM Urbano "Banoy" Borja 

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